The Role of the Diocese

Church schools receive guidance, advice and support from many national and local bodies, including Local Authority Children's Services Departments, Diocesan Boards of Education and the National Society.

Diocesan Boards of Education (DBEs) have a legal responsibility for education within their boundaries.

Each diocese funds a number of staff who, under the leadership of the Diocesan Director of Education (DDE)

  • provide legal and technical support
  • manage and fund school building projects, including new schools
  • negotiate with local authorities on provision of church school places
  • prepare for, organize and follow up denominational inspection (SIAS)
  • monitor church school performance and work with schools in difficulties
  • offer training for leaders and governors of church schools
  • appoint governors and assist in the appointment of church school head teachers
  • support clergy in their role as ex officio governors
  • support school chaplains 

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