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Light a candle and say a prayer this Sunday for road traffic victims

A north London priest who was called to a fatal accident outside her church is urging people to light a candle and say a prayer this Sunday (18 November), the World Day of Remembrance for road traffic victims, supported by the UN.  

Charlotte Ballinger, assistant curate at Chipping Barnet (in St Albans diocese) explains in a Church of England podcast published today how the accident outside her church prompted her to focus on those involved in safety on our roads and to remember the victims and their families and friends.  Charlotte said a prayer over the body of the 66 year old cyclist, who had been killed instantly.  She later took her funeral, which she said was a celebration of the victim's life but also an immensely sad occasion with "laughter and tears in equal measure". 

Charlotte explains how churches are at the centre of community for everybody and wherever they are situated can be a focus for people in need.  

The World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims is organised by Roadpeace and supported by the UN; it takes place on the third Sunday in November. In recent years many events have taken place, including the march through the City of Bath to an open-air gathering, the Critical Mass of cyclists through London to the sites where people had been killed, or a Remembrance Concert with many bands in Johannesburg.  Schools hold special assemblies, minutes of silence, or allow pupils to express their thoughts or feelings in essays and various art forms. People are encouraged to create acts of remembrance in their own way.


Resources for remembrance events including church services can be found on the Roadpeace website