NCI Vacancies


For more information about any of our current vacancies and how to apply, simply click on the job title.


We are currently in the process of implementing an online Recruitment portal whereby applicants can apply for our NCI vacancies via an online application form and process. As this process is still ongoing, some of our vacancies are displayed on the right hand side while others are now running via the online portal. Please click the link below to view additional vacancies that are running on the portal; all others are displayed on the right hand side under 'Related Links'

This page shows all current available vacancies within the National Institutions of the Church of England, which is the collective name for the following:

  • The Archbishops' Council
  • Bishopthorpe Palace
  • The Church Commissioners
  • The Church of England Central Services
  • The Church of England Pensions Board
  • Lambeth Palace
  • National Society for Promoting Religious Education
  • Trustees of the Lambeth Palace Library

If you have any questions or comments relating to the above then please contact the Recruitment Coordinator on 0207 898 1182 or email We will be happy to help you.