Work with other Churches

Why work with other Churches?

The Church of England sees itself as part of the whole Church of God, which includes many different Churches in this country and around the world. We want to join with other Churches in discipleship, witness and worship because

  1. We belong to one another in the body of Christ
  2. We have so much to receive from and offer to one another
  3. By working together, we have a greater impact in our communities and on public affairs
  4. By sharing what we have, we make best use of the precious resources

To find out about recent and forthcoming events that relate to our work with other Churches via the Council for Christian Unity , click on the links for 'Latest news' and 'Council for Christian Unity'.

On 26 January 2017  Lambeth Palace and the Council for Christian Unity released The Church of England's Ecumenical Relations: Annual Report for 2016. To read this report click here

The Report can also be accessed from  the Resources Box on the right hand side of the page or from the CCU Latest News page.

Working together locally

In urban areas, the Church of England exists alongside an increasing number and diversity of other Churches. In rural contexts, people from a diversity of Christian traditions may relate to our parish churches. In many communities, urban and rural, we work extensively with some longstanding partner Churches, and, increasingly, with a range of new partners as well.

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Working together nationally

The Church of England maintains relations with a wide range of other national Church bodies in England, through formal conversations and agreements as well as informal relationship building, and by collaborating nationally and locally in areas of joint mission.

To read more, click on the link for 'Working together nationally'.

Working together internationally

The Church of England has important links with many other Churches around the world, including some particularly significant partnerships in Europe that are supported by formal agreements. We are an outward looking Church that rejoices to be part of the worldwide Christian community.

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Overseeing our work with other Churches

The Council for Christian Unity oversees and resources the Church of England's work with other Churches locally, nationally and internationally.

The Faith and Order Commission advises the Church of England in ecumenical dialogues and also has a wider role in advising the Church of England on theological questions.

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