Common Tenure

Since 2011 the majority of clergy in the Church of England hold their Ecclesiastical Office under common tenure. This is part of a framework of terms of service that brings security, clarity, and the opportunity for people to work together to encourage and support the clergy's ministry.

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Ecclesiastical Offices (Terms of Service) Measure 2009

Comparison of freehold with Common Tenure

Summary of the legislation

Terms of Service Directions

  • The Ecclesiastical Offices (Terms of Service) Directions 2010 (SI no 2010/1923)

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Chaplains and Common Tenure

Parental Pay and Leave Advice

The Archbishops' Council has issued new Advice. Please refer to the December 2015 document in the Resources section.

Ministerial Development Review guidance - January 2010

Capability Procedure - code of practice

Capability Procedure Guidance

The Supporting Guidance to the Capability procedure has been updated. Please refer to the December 2015 Guidance in the Resources section.

Grievance Procedure - code of practice

Grievance Procedure - supporting advice

Clergy Discipline Measure

Common Tenure FAQs

These have been updated. Please refer to the December 2015 FAQs in the Resources section.


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