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Consultation document on parochial fees (DOC-53KB)
Author: Church of England
Published: 18 Oct 2010

Consultation Document on Parochial Fees produced by the Archbishops' Council.

Guidance on writing role descriptions and person specifications (DOC-591KB)
Author: Church of England
Published: 15 Oct 2010

This advice has been issued by the Archbishops' Council for information and to assist the development of good practice. It does not constitute formal guidance or directions under the Ecclesiastical Offices (Terms of Service) legislation.

Capability Procedure - supporting advice (PDF-104.9KB)
Author: Church of England
Published: 14 Oct 2010

This document is split into 3 sections. Part 1: basic principles, the scope of the procedures and the relationship between capability and other areas. Part 2: pastoral support: written records and data protection, discussions with colleagues, recording and monitoring, composition of capability panels and issues to consider before starting the procedure. Part 3: alternative posts, right to be accompanied, temporary improvements and capability and sickness

gs1794 (PDF-4.3MB)
Author: General Synod, Church of England, Archbishop of Canterbury, Archbishop of York
Published: 11 Jul 2010

The Archbishops’ Council Annual Report and Financial Statements for the year ended 31 December 2009