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Our Church of England in 140 Characters - an exciting new project from the Church of England.

The Church of England has launched a year long project on Twitter to tell the story of the Church of England through the eyes of its people, providing a daily insight into modern faith in action.

Each week, followers of the account will be given an insight into all the work that goes on into the day to day running of a church community from schools to chaplaincies to cathedrals. Followers will be able to peek behind the curtain of church life and see behind the scenes as they get a feel for daily life in parishes.  In addition to daily life there will be a glimpse of the inevitable unusual and unexpected events that come with being part of the Church of England.  Through it all the account will seek to show through thousands of tweets how God is at work in His Church each day.

Claire Diaz-Ortiz, Head of Social Innovation at Twitter, said:

"The incredible engagement levels we see on religious tweets the world over prove the power of 140 characters to convey hope, motivation, and inspiration. The @OurCofE Twitter account will build on this by telling the story of the Church of England through the eyes of its people, providing a fascinating insight into modern faith in action. Spanning great cathedrals to tiny parishes, it will provide real-time glimpses into the workings of the church for followers across the world, 140 characters at a time."

The project is inspired by similar twitter accounts such as @sweden which was set up by the Swedish tourist board who invited people to take turns in tweeting their life in Sweden for a week, each with their own unique view of the country.


How you can get involved:

Are you a regular tweeter with an interesting role inside the Church of England? If you'd like to be considered as a tweeter for the project email talitha.proud@churchofengland.org Please include your contact details, your twitter handle and a little bit about your role inside The Church of England.


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