inReview and inFocus

inReview and inFocus are no longer being produced. The final editions are from May 2017. Archives of the publication are available below.

inReview and inFocus are monthly publications containing news from the National Church Institutions (NCIs) and projects taking place at a central level in The Church of England. They contain the same information but are set up for different uses.

  • inReview is an A3 or A4 poster publication designed to be placed on noticeboards. 
  • inFocus is an A5 booklet or 4-page publications designed for use in existing parish publications.

You can read inReview online and sign up to receieve the latest editions via email below.

Download the latest editions of inReview and inFocus for use at your church or organisation.

inReview Download content Download
inFocus Booklet Download inFocus 4-Page Download


Past editions of inReview and inFocus can be found at the links below.



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