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The Church of England encourages people to use scripture, tradition and reason to come to a considered view on many subjects. Sometimes, after discussion and debate in the General Synod and elsewhere, national policies are agreed or, after consideration in councils, opinions are submitted.

National policies include Canon Law and the Measures and motions passed by the General Synod (the Church's parliament): Measures become part of the law of the land on Royal Assent. Dioceses and Parishes also set appropriate local policies.

Opinions on a variety of subjects are those given in submissions to Government inquiries, consultations and such that have been considered by the councils and committees of the Archbishops' Council.

Spotlight on

Human Rights and Religious Freedom

Religious freedom is a fundamental human right. Religious freedom benefits everyone - it creates conditions for peace, democratisation, development and other human rights. Unfortunately there are increasing instances in several parts of the world where violations of this most basic human right occur.

Marriage, Family and Sexuality Issues

Marriage, Family and Sexuality Issues

The Church is committed to working with and supporting the diversity of Britain's households in every community and at national level

International Affairs

Human suffering, violence and injustice effect people across the world. The Church works for the good of all by promoting peace, justice and solidarity. It also plays an active role in the life of the European Union, EU.

Home and Community Affairs

The Church engages in Home Affairs policy (criminal justice, mental health and other social issues) and has a presence in every town and city working for the good of community and urban life; it is committed to working with and promoting people of all ethnic backgrounds.

Environment and Rural Affairs

Shrinking the Footprint is the Church of England's national environmental campaign. The C of E's national rural work is based at the ecumenical Arthur Rank Centre (ARC), in Warwickshire.

The Church in Parliament

The Church of England, as the established church, is represented in Parliament in several ways; through the Lords, the Commons, the Ecclesiastical Committee and the Anglican Chaplain to the Speaker.

Medical Ethics & Health & Social Care Policy

The Church of England engages with contemporary ethical debates in science, medicine and technology

Ethical Investment

Church of England ethical investment restrictions apply to companies involved in military products and services, pornography, alcoholic drinks, gambling, tobacco, human embryonic cloning and weekly collected home credit.

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