A Christian presence in every community


Armed Forces Covenant

Armed Forces Covenant

Child Maintenance


Church of England briefing paper on Therapeutic Uses of Cell Nuclear replacement  plus other human fertilisation & embryology issues


Social Care

Church of England's Mission and Public Affairs Council response to the Department of Health Green Paper Shaping the Future of Care Together (2009)

Capital Punishment

The General Synod last debated capital punishment in 1983 and carried a motion deploring its reintroduction.

Community & Urban Affairs

As a national church the Church of England maintains a presence in every community through the parish system.

Minority Ethnic Anglican Concerns

The Committee for Minority Ethnic Anglican Concerns works to encourage and engage participation from the Church's Black and Minority Ethnic populations at every level.

Civil Partnerships

On 25 July 2005 the House of Bishops issued a pastoral statement to help the Church as it addresses the implications of the Civil Partnership Act.

Civil marriage ceremonies - religious content

In 2005 the House of Bishops made a response to a government consultation on religious content of civil marriage ceremonies.


The Church of England affirms the centrality of marriage to the stability and health of society and for the bringing up of children. However, it recognises that there are some issues of hardship and vulnerability for people whose relationships are not based on marriage and that these need to be addressed by the creation of new legal rights.


Jesus stood up for children at a time when society gave them no voice. The Church of England continues to value children and works in a great range of areas including child poverty, the Good Childhood Inquiry, Child Protection and others.


Church of England view on contraception (concise and full background briefing)

The Church and Capitalism

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