Liturgical Texts

By clicking on the headings below, you will get access to all of the texts of the Church of England's liturgy both traditional and contemporary.

The Book of Common Prayer (1662)

A permanent feature of the Church of England's worship and a key source for its doctrine, the Book of Common Prayer is loved for the beauty of its language and its services are widely used. It cannot be altered or abandoned without the approval of Parliament.

Common Worship: Services and Prayers for the Church of England (2000)

Common Worship supplements and complements the Book of Common Prayer with services and prayers in diverse styles. Most of the material is in contemporary language. Some of the services are in traditional language. These are based either on those in the Book of Common Prayer, incorporating adaptations and additions that have become customary, or on services from Alternative Services: Series One.

Common Worship (approved translations into other languages)


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