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Daily Prayer is the first daily prayer book in the Church of England's history. It contains a Daily Office - a collection of orders of service designed to be prayed at different points through the day.

The services may be prayed individually, in groups, churches or in religious communities. Drawing on the daily Bible readings laid out in the Common Worship Lectionary, they allow Anglicans to link their personal devotions into the shared prayer life of the Church.

As well as the more traditional services of Morning, Evening and Night Prayer, Daily Prayer also offers Prayer During the Day, especially designed for those new to regular liturgical prayer. Each servicecontains the three key elements of praise, intercession and engagement with Scripture. Prayers are included for both Ordinary Time and the seasons of the Christian year.


Daily Prayer newHardback
ISBN - 9780 7151 2199 3
Format - 208mm high x 132mm wide
RRP - £22.50

Daily Prayer Bonded Leather

Bonded Leather
ISBN - 9780 7151 2100 9
RRP - £45.00


Daily Prayer Soft Touch

Soft Touch Leather Edition
ISBN - 9780 7151 2178 8
RRP - £27.50





Time to PrayTime to Pray

Time to Pray contains a simplified 'Daily Office': a pattern of prayer, praise and daily Bible reading that is simple, fresh and accessible. It offers two flexible services, ideal for those seeking a simpler form of daily prayer or those just beginning a regular routine of time with God.

While being straightforward and flexible to use, Time to Pray draws us into a tradition that has been practised by Christians throughout the centuries and continues to be shared across the world today. Bound in imitation leather, this volume is lightweight and portable, ideal for use at home or on the move.

ISBN - 9780 7151 2122 1
Format - 199mm high x 125mm wide
RRP - £12.99