General Synod

The General Synod comprises the Convocations of Canterbury and York, joined together in a House of Bishops and a House of Clergy, to which is added a House of Laity. It meets in February in London and in July in York, and occasionally in November in London.

About The General Synod

Synod chamberThe General Synod considers and approves legislation affecting the whole of the Church of England, formulates new forms of worship, debates matters of national and international importance, and approves the annual budget for the work of the Church at national level. Read more

Who's who

ABC and ABYFind out how the General Synod is organised and look up the details of the staff members or secretaries you need to contact if you wish to make an enquiry as a Synod member. Read more

Agendas and papers

PapersThe General Synod papers and agendas are arranged by Group of Sessions, and a search facility is available for finding papers by name, subject or GS number. There is also a list of Private Members' Motions and a regularly updated forecast of future business and list of forthcoming dates. Read more

Reports of proceedings

ProceedingsThe Report of Proceedings is the official transcript of the proceedings of the General Synod of the Church of England, and is produced after every Group of Sessions as a downloadable pdf file. Read more